Creating Social Good Can Also Advance Your Career

By: Ellie Shulman

When college students are in the midst of completing their degrees they are often confident that their undergraduate studies are preparing them to become successful in their prospective careers. Almost immediately after graduation these views tend to change.

These recent graduates find themselves being told that they are missing the skillset needed for certain careers and after a few weeks on the job-hunt these graduates often agree. Many employers are now telling new applicants that they lack ‘life skills’.

The question can then be asked ‘what can college students do on their own to help gain these ‘life skills’ that employers think they are missing?’.

One way to gain these life skills is through volunteering, and there is a lot of evidence to support this claim . A recent article on highlighted a Deloitte study that explained, “82% of interviewers told Deloitte they prefer applicants with volunteer experience, and 92% say volunteer activities build leadership skills”. It is evident that volunteering can show a potential employer that applicants have the drive and skillset that they seek in a potential employee.

Which cause or nonprofit is worth your time to support? Regardless of which non-profit you choose, one thing is certain – you’ll make others’ lives better, and through the process, develop the “life skills” employers value.

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