So Tell Me, “How Has College Prepared You For This Career?”


By: Ellie Shulman

Job interviews for recent college graduates can seem daunting. For many, they have just completed a degree and are confident that they are suited for a career that they have been studying for the last four years. Often this feeling of achievement dissipates as an interviewer asks the first question…

“How has college prepared you for this career?”

Although this may seem unnerving to recent graduates, the interviewer is clearly not looking to hear about that amazing HIST 200 class the interviewee took as an elective last semester. This is the opportunity to talk about the skillset gained through all those college courses and extracurricular activities that graduates had been involved with over the past four years.

With this question, a potential employer is giving their candidate the chance to promote him or herself and to explain their potential worth to the company who they wish to be employed by.

This is the time for college graduates to discuss their skills gained from class and extracurricular activities. Did the applicant develop strong writing skills by working on a specific paper or project? What leadership roles did the applicant have while completing their undergraduate studies? How did they work with other team members and together how did they problem solve in a difficult situation?

Although this is the opportune time for recent college graduates to ‘pitch’ themselves to potential employers it is also important not to oversell yourself. Make sure to think about this question in advance and develop an ‘elevator pitch’ so that your execution is straightforward and concise.

What type of answers do you think employers are seeking when they ask ‘how has college prepared you for your career’? What do you think is the best way to answer this question?


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