Defining a New Category and Asking “What If?”

‘Project-based learning’ is a method that is becoming increasingly popular in schools. In short, PBL is defined as the act of learning through identifying a real-world problem and developing its solution. The idea is that students learn through completing projects as opposed to memorizing content from a textbook.

‘Project-based hiring’ currently has no definition that can be easily found online. If students can learn from projects, couldn’t CEO’s and HR Directors hire from them too? Of course, not all project-based learning should involve CEO’s and Hiring directors, but why shouldn’t CEO’s and Hiring Directors be involved in select projects if they want to hire for internships or full-time positions?

I propose the following definition for PBH: ‘Project-based hiring’ is the act of hiring through evaluating how candidates solve real-world problems. Project-based hiring would provide companies a clearer picture of a candidate’s skillsets beyond the resume and interview.

Moreover, what if the goal of these projects was to solve real world problems for a worthwhile charity or non-profit? What if these types of social good projects were the norm across the world, from which students could grow their skillsets and companies could hire top talent, all while making the world a better place?

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